PIP 2014 Volunteer Registration

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Site Setup
Volunteers needed to set up fences & marquees and move tables & chairs into position within Pitshanger Park on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Can you spare any time from two hours upwards to be part of this hard-working team?
Please select any of the options that you would be willing to work. Please note that we would prefer NOT to have children helping during the site set up. We appreciate that this may mean some parents are unable to volunteer to help out, especially at the weekend.
Your Roles
Please check as many boxes for the roles that you are interested.
Roughly, what times would you be able to work?
Volunteers needed to work behind the bar and manage tills. Each shift is 2 hours long.
Enter the times that you would be available for bar work. Please mention if you have bar experience, even if it is just at Party in the Park. Please note that all volunteers must be over 18 years old.
Additional Information
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