We've expanded the scope of this page to give you info about residential planning applications and about the Council's Planning Position Statement here.   

Ealing Matters'  article about the Planning Process operating at the moment is here.  Ealing Matters is a borough-wide alliance of more than sixty residents’ associations and community groups, PCA included)

In short, the normal 21 days for comment has been doubled to 42 and those living nearby should be notifed formally about any residential application.  The usual site notices are also going up.  We've drawn up a list of current residential applications – we'll endeavour to keep this up to date!  We'll keep you posted about any major developments in Ealing too. 

You can search the planning portal for any applications at pam.ealing.gov.uk/online-applications/ (note 1: just put the address in and note 2: the planning portal is not accessible from 11:30pm – 1:00am each day).  

Latest on Kenmure Mansions – the applicant withdrew the plans towards the end of last year. Our letter to the Council about Kenmure Mansions is hereOur guidance on submitting comments is attached hereOur note of the public meeting on 15th August is here

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