Thank you Fiona

Each Monday with a group of volunteers we host the Monday Afternoon Tea Club where for £2 our guests enjoy finger sandwiches, cake and endless cups of tea. The club is open to those over 65 years in the community. We are very grateful to the Pitshanger Methodist Church allowing us to use their foyer. 

Today our guest speaker was Fiona Kennedy who owns the Pitshanger Bookshop, an independent Bookshop on Pitshanger Lane. Fiona enlightened us on the world of books and there is more to selling books over the counter. The shop also sells toys, cards, wrap etc. Behind the scenes the staff work with local authors and host book launches, work with schools and assist in putting whole libraries together. A small staff do an amazing amount of work and are an asset to our community. Busy little bees they are. Thanks Fiona for giving us your time.