Pitshanger News

  • Ward Forum Meetings

    17th Mar 2017
    The date for the next meeting of the Cleveland Ward Forum has been set as 7pm on Tuesday 21st June 2016, venue to be confirmed.  This is the place to hear the latest on major planning applications and proposals for our highways and open spaces.  The only other formal meeting in the offing will be early next year, but the Cleveland Ward Councillors hope to hold an informal meeting this autumn.
  • Pitshanger Pictures

    17th Mar 2017
    There’s a full programme of screenings scheduled at our local cinema Pitshanger Pictures including Hairspray (PG) on Monday 23rd May, Eddie the Eagle on Saturday 11th June, A Separation (PG) on Monday 13th June and Waltz with Bashir (18) on Wednesday 15th June.  You can find timings and ticket prices for these and other screenings 
  • At The Club

    17th Mar 2017
    Now (or at least when the weather warms up a bit) is the time to join Brentham Tennis, with special offers such as two free lessons from the club’s coaching team for every new member.  Upcoming events to look out for at the Brentham club include a trip to Ascot on Wednesday 15th June – book your place on the coach for a great day out.  More details of social events and the various sports sections are on 
  • Wira of Warsaw

    17th Mar 2017
    In 1943 at the tender age of 14, Wira took the crucial decision to join the Polish underground army. One year later she played her part in the tragic Warsaw Uprising.
  • NEPS Library

    17th Mar 2017
    A new library was opened recently at North Ealing Primary School, which all concerned are really pleased with.  However the opening hours of the library are unfortunately constrained at the moment by a lack of librarians.  To solve the problem, the school governors are asking for community volunteers who can spare a couple of hours a week to do a shift as librarian.  The school will look after the CRB formalities for anyone willing to have a go.  If interested, please...
  • Ton Up at St Barnabas

    17th Mar 2017
    The excitement continues to mount at St Barnabas Church in Pitshanger Lane as the centenary year progresses.  First of all, on the web site www.barnabites.org you can find a very swish “we are 100” booklet and a compreh