Pitshanger News

  • Get Digging

    20th Jul 2013
    One sometimes hears of public schools where the demand for places is such that prospective pupils have to be nominated at birth. But allotments? Growing your own produce has become such a popular pursuit that the waiting list at the Pitshanger allotments has grown to around 100 long. But there may be some hope for Good Life wanabees at the Brentham allotments run by the Brentham Allotments and Gardens Society – love the acronym.
  • Dodgy White Van

    20th Jul 2013
    We've had a report in from Sgt James Ayling of the Cleveland Safer Neighbourhood Team of two white males cold-calling suspiciously, close to the Pitshanger area. The two men are white, in their mid-20's and were seen driving a white Ford Transit with registration number DF53 LPO. James advises "If you see this vehicle please do not approach the occupants, but instead call the police immediately on 999 quoting the registration number".
  • The Year of the Volunteer

    20th Jul 2013
    By about midday on the Saturday, something, or more often multiple things have usually gone wrong during set-up for Party In The Park the next day. And it has often been traceable to delays, confusion and task-juggling caused ultimately by having too few volunteers to do the job as smoothly as we would like.
  • Party in the Park Lost Property

    04th Jul 2013
    Thanks to everyone who came to Party in the Park on Sunday, if you were there and misplaced any of the following items please email pca [at] pitshanger [dot] org [dot] uk
  • PCA Newsletter 71 - June 2013

    16th Jun 2013
    Half Marathon To Visit Pitshanger , CPZ Plan Rejected, No Excuses, A Life in Fish, Party In The Park 2013, A Little More Burgundy, Madame?, Lane News, It’s All Happening At St Barnabas, 20mph Limit
  • 20mph Limit

    16th Jun 2013
    The recently created Pitshanger 20mph zone was never going to be rigidly observed by all drivers, and so far we've seen a mixture of people who make a point of sticking to 20mph, others who drive a bit slower than they used to, and a minority who disregard the limit completely. Being realistic, we're not going to get frequent enforcement visits, so we'll have to do the best we can with our own efforts.