Pitshanger News

  • PIP 2013 Planning Meeting

    20th Mar 2013
    The first planning meeting for the 2013 Party in the Park will take place on Wenesday 20th March in the "Kent Room" at The Kent, Scotch Common. Please make the meeting if you can as we need to allocate responsibilites.
  • Now Is The Time To Say Goodbye

    11th Mar 2013
    Newsletter editor Dave Wallis has finally hung up his quill after 13 years as a PCA committee member, eleven of them as “Your Editor”.  He was recruited by his neighbour and then-PCA Chair Ron Bloomfield to help with the first ‘Millenium’ Party in the Park, and “nobody told me to go away again”.  Dave’s experience of student journalism put him in the editor’s chair when the newsletter was launched in 2002, and he insists “it’s been fun”, citing issue 9 from 2004 as his...
  • PCA Discretionary Grant Awards

    11th Mar 2013
    This year’s awards have now been made.  Pitshanger Methodist Church has been given £1000 towards new notice boards and internal decorating; Brentham Ladies Choir receives £100 towards the costs of music; Pitshanger Playcentre gets £1900 to fund a new printer, renovate the floor and support Wednesday craft afternoons; the Log Cabin in Northfields (used by many Pitshanger residents) was allocated £1000 towards the costs of creating a garden; Ealing Abbey Counselling Service...
  • No Horsing About When You Shop Local

    11th Mar 2013
    The horse-meat scandal has shown us that you can't always be certain what you're getting when you opt for processed food.  Our local butchers at Hook & Cleaver remind us that knowledge and traceability are essential when choosing your cooking ingredients and these are much more readily available when you shop locally.  They hand pick their free-range and organic meat from trusted UK suppliers and do all the preparation work themselves, which means that you always know...
  • Tennis Courts Update

    11th Mar 2013
    We first reported in December 2011 that ‘Will To Win’, who operate the tennis courts in Lammas Park, had ambitious plans to upgrade the courts and lodge in Pitshanger Park following their selection by Ealing Council as preferred lessee.  A planning application covering realignment of the tennis courts, improvements to the lodge, creation of a cafe area and installation of floodlighting for the four courts furthest from Meadvale Road was submitted in March 2012.  The need for...
  • Storm In A Teacup, By ‘Eck!

    11th Mar 2013
    We’re not the only organisation with the initials PCA, and as a result we occasionally receive mis-directed emails meant for other PCAs such as the Professional Cricketers’ Association.  One such arrived recently announcing a new partnership between the England and Wales Cricket Board and Yorkshire Tea involving such things as the promotion of tea breaks in matches as “The Yorkshire Tea Break”, in-stadium pouring rights, and tastings from a special van.  Lancashire County...