Now Is The Time To Say Goodbye

Newsletter editor Dave Wallis has finally hung up his quill after 13 years as a PCA committee member, eleven of them as “Your Editor”.  He was recruited by his neighbour and then-PCA Chair Ron Bloomfield to help with the first ‘Millenium’ Party in the Park, and “nobody told me to go away again”.  Dave’s experience of student journalism put him in the editor’s chair when the newsletter was launched in 2002, and he insists “it’s been fun”, citing issue 9 from 2004 as his favourite with its Daily Mail-esque headline “Homes blighted by flood risk assessment” above an article about the problems Meadvale Road residents were having selling their homes because of an erroneous flood risk assessment.  Hopefully you haven’t heard the last of him as he’s volunteered to help launch the PCA’s new community portal.