Pitshanger CPZ Update

The latest news we have of the long-anticipated Pitshanger Controlled Parking Zone consultation is that the paperwork should land on our doormats in March, and that the consultation boundary will be a single core area with outer areas to either side as announced at the Cleveland Ward Forum last October.  But that’s not the only local CPZ activity: a northwards extension of the Draytons CPZ (to the west of Argyle Road) went out to public consultation recently and the results make interesting reading.  The headline result was a 53% ‘Yes’ vote in the core area, which stops just short of Cleveland Road, and a strong ‘No’ vote in the outer area extending up to Vallis Way.  Normal Council procedure requires a 60% ‘Yes’ vote in the core area for a CPZ to go ahead, but what they did in this case was to strip away some strongly “anti” streets in the core area until they ended up with the required 60% in favour!  As a result, the Draytons CPZ extension will go ahead in the trimmed core area, but not in the outer area.