Pitshanger CPZ Latest

PCA CPZ Public Meeting 

The Council’s consultation on whether to create a CPZ in Pitshanger is now closed.  We think it’s very likely that the return rate will be high, with plenty of comments for the Council to go through, so we don’t expect the results in a hurry. During the consultation period, the Council

Pitshanger Anti-CPZ Campaigners 

 held an exhibition in the Methodist Hall attended by about 100 people – much higher than usual according to the Council Officers present – but then this is Pitshanger.

The Council’s CPZ exhibition prompted many lively discussions, and the PCA followed it up with a public meeting on 17th April, attended by about 150 people.  The meeting opened with statements from Cllr Greg Stafford for the Cleveland Ward Councillors and John Martin for the Pitshanger Village Traders’ Association.  Unsurprisingly, an animated question and answer session ensued.  The mention of Council employees displaced from their former car park in Dickens Yard prompted a small moment of light relief, when a member of the audience wondered, archly, whether the Council was actually moving employee parking around the Borough with the deliberate aim of provoking requests for more CPZs!

We used information gleaned from the two public sessions to keep the hot topic page on the PCA web site up to date with the latest details and clarifications, and included a paper copy of our Frequently Asked Questions document with this year’s membership pack.

In the meantime, two small groups of local residents have taken up the anti-CPZ cause, with “Save Our Shops” as a prominent theme, and have been canvassing on the Lane, posting flyers and knocking on doors locally.

So do we just have to wait for the Council machinery to grind its way to a decision now?  No, not quite.  There’s a couple of questions we think the Council should have included in their consultation document, but didn’t.  So we’re going to ask you separately – look out for an e-mail or letter about this soon.