Football Development Scores Own Goal

We originally reported in July 2011 that planning permission had been granted for a new football club house on Scotch Common, in roughly the same place as an earlier, demolished, building. Things went quiet after that, but work finally started in August on associated pitch drainage works.

Unfortunately the contractors hit problems straight away when they found that the planned access route via Bellevue Road and Perivale Gardens was impractical for large construction and delivery vehicles. What they should have done then was agree a Scotch Common Football Development new construction method statement with Ealing Council, but what they did instead was unload materials in Bellevue Road (for which they will be fined, we hear), and break through a hedge to create a new equipment compound just off Argyle Road. The latter may actually not be a bad idea, as it will keep construction traffic away from Bellevue Road and Perivale Gardens, but it should have been planned and agreed in advance. The Cleveland Ward Councillors have been on the case and are pushing for construction to be suspended until the revised method statement has been agreed – and they have our backing on that. Let’s hope the contractors do a bit better with the construction of the club house itself.