It’s All Happening on the Lane…

Once again Pitshanger proves itself equal to anything the TV soaps can hurl at us. A couple of weeks ago people on Pitshanger Lane were amazed to see an ambulance pull up outside Nisa, not to collect a patient, but for the paramedics to take the patient out of the ambulance, lay him on the pavement and perform an emergency tracheotomy in full view of shoppers and traders! Apparently the paramedics had insufficient room inside the vehicle to undertake the procedure on the patient, who had fallen from the top floor of a house in Queens Walk.

More filming along the Lane on Monday 16th September, at the Pitshanger Bookshop - a revival of nineties’ sitcom ‘Birds Of A Feather’. The film crew even brought their own weather making equipment with them, generating a heavy and highly localised rainstorm while the rest of the Lane remained dry.

Elsewhere along the Lane, the Co-op / Post Office is set to be transformed by a major refurbishment programme. Look out for posters in-store for details of closure dates. Paper deliveries will continue as normal and books of stamps will be for sale at Roberts&co during the period when both Post Office and Co-op are closed. The refurbishment of the “other“ Co-op we reported in the last edition has started in the FuneralCare premises – “a major undertaking” according to a spokesman.

Finally we hesitate to mention a rather naughty rumour started by a Pitshanger Trader – who shall remain nameless – that the former McCreadie’s will re-open as a branch of Ann Summers. In the very unlikely event that this turns out to be true, we think it should definitely be re-branded as The Village Panty, both to honour the traditions of the Lane and perhaps to re-use the signage from the Lane’s former deli.