Calming Up

The Pitshanger Traffic Calming Group has now met with Council officials to present its case concerning vibrations caused by buses and other heavy vehicles.  The group outlined the problems caused by the poor road surface in Woodfield Road and the raised tables along the Lane, and presented the results of a survey that showed that the majority of residents in Woodfield Road and in the vicinity of the tables are experiencing tremors in their upper floors, leading in certain instances to cracks appearing in walls.  The group was pleased with the seriousness with which its concerns were received, and the Council has now proposed a plan for “investigation and resolution of reported vibration issues in Pitshanger Lane and Woodfield Road” which will include vibration monitoring in the two streets.  Look out for further updates here, and for more information contact Dave Wallis at dave [at] usefulsoftwarecompany [dot] co [dot] uk (subject: Pitshanger%20Traffic%20Calming%20Group) ( dave [at] usefulsoftwarecompany [dot] co [dot] uk).