Ward Forum Update

The Cleveland Ward Forum met on 24th October, and covered a couple of points of particular local interest.  First, a report on the construction of the Pitshanger FC clubhouse indicated that the heaviest deliveries (for the building foundations) are pretty much done and that further deliveries to site will be made via the gap in the hedge in Argyle Road, which is good news for the residents of Bellevue Road and Perivale Gardens, at least.  Then, in relation to the Pitshanger 20mph zone, you may remember that the zone was put in without road humps initially so the Council could measure the effect of signage alone.  Subsequent Council speed measurements have indicated no speed reductions in three key roads, with the result that the Council are now proposing to install “hard features” of some kind – we don’t yet know exactly what – in Castlebar Park, Queens Walk and Woodfield Road.  As usual, we’ll keep you posted.