The Tweeter Wakes

Pitshanger CA on TwitterThe PCA has had a web site for quite a while, and we upgraded it last year.  But we have to be honest and own up to being slow of the mark with social media.  We actually put our towel on the virtual sunbed some time ago by bagging the prime local Twitter moniker @Pitshanger, but then barely used it.  But that’s about to change.  We’ve taken @Pitshanger out of cold storage and will be using it to bring you topical news titbits, reminders and the like.  In doing that, we’ll be joining in the fun with a well-established and prolific local band of tweeters including @Pitshanger_Play and @PitshangerW5, as well as a host of other tweeters among the Pitshanger Traders and local organisations.  Please do follow us.