The Council’s proposed new rubbish collection arrangements – set to start in Spring 2016 - have been a talking point for a while now, but what are the facts?  We’ve had a sneak preview of a “frequently asked questions” document being compiled by the Council, telling us that:

-  Food waste will continue to be collected weekly;

- Waste for recycling and non-recyclable waste will be collected in alternate weeks (i.e. each one will be collected every two weeks);

-  Each household will be issued with two wheelie bins – one for mixed recycling and the other for non-recyclable waste, to be put out for collection in alternate weeks.

It’s the wheelie bins that seem to be the most controversial element of the new arrangements, especially among the residents of the Brentham Estate.  We asked some more questions about the bins and found that the standard size for the recycling bin will be 240 litres, or 107cm (h) x 58cm (w) x 74 cm (d), albeit  the Council will offer a smaller version, and the non-recyclable bin is likely to be smaller anyway at 180 litres (dimensions not yet available).

But the biggest question is probably whether residents can opt out of having wheelie bins at all.  The basic answer is no, but the Council is surveying properties street by street, and “where there is adequate space for the storage of bins away from the highway the resident will be expected to use the new system”.  This appears to leave a bit of wriggle room for those with small front gardens, but we predict plenty of arguments to come on that point.  Please let us know what you think about this via pca [at] pitshanger [dot] org [dot] uk.