High School Delayed

We reported in January on the Twyford CofE Academies Trust’s plans to open a new high school in Ealing ready for admissions in September 2016, and in our March edition we revealed that the former Barclay’s sports ground in Park View Road was one of the sites under consideration.  The spotlight now seems to be focused on the Barclay’s site but taking into account the time needed to draw up designs, gain planning permission and remove the existing “Metropolitan Open Land” designation there is no hope of the new school being ready for admissions in September 2016.

So what’s to become of the current Year Fives and below when they reach high school age?  There will be too many of them for the existing high school capacity.  As we understand it, the plan is to create four additional FE (Forms of Entry) at William Perkin High School in Greenford in September 2016 and September 2017.  There is room at William Perkin because it is a relatively new school that has not yet reached its full quota of year groups.  The additional four FE will be admitted and taught separately, as though they were already at the Barclay’s site.  These students will move to the Barclay’s site in September 2018, or if that site still isn’t ready they will make another temporary move to a new sixth form building on the existing Twyford High School site in Acton.

The end state, which should be in place by September 2019 will be a seven FE high school at the Barclay’s site, catering for school years seven to 11 and a combined sixth form (years 12 and 13) department at the Acton site.  This could all change, of course, and we’ll keep you posted with further updates.