Local Authors

Did you catch last month's BBC2 series about some of the amazing characters who fought in WW2 at home and abroad, Britain's Greatest Generation?  Local author Sue Elliott has written the book accompanying the series, which expands on these stories and tells many others in tribute to a unique generation now passing into history.  You can pick up your copy from Pitshanger Bookshop for £18.99.

Still on the theme of WW2, but this time fictional, another local author Alex Gerlis has just published his second novel The Swiss Spy which is a follow up to his highly acclaimed best-seller The Best of our SpiesThe Swiss Spy is set against the true-life backdrop of the top-secret Nazi plans to invade the Soviet Union. The story paints an authentic picture of life inside wartime Europe: the menacing atmosphere, the ever-present danger and the constant intrigue in the world of espionage.  Both books are available from the Pitshanger Bookshop, and if you would like to meet Alex himself, the Pitshanger Bookshop will be hosting a launch party on the evening of Wednesday 8th July from 7pm.  Further details via 020 8991 8131 or info [at] pitshangerbooks [dot] co [dot] uk.