Park Update

We’re pleased to hear that Will To Win enjoyed a successful Great British Tennis Weekend in May (pictured), when they offered free sessions for juniors and adults plus games and fun.

Elsewhere in the park, contractors working on the Scotch Common football pitches acted against instructions by breaking through the hedge in Argyle Road for a second time.  The hedge has since been reinstated (again) and we have been promised bollards to discourage further vehicular entry via this route.

We reported in a previous newsletter how pleased members were with the new trees planted in Pitshanger and Cleveland Parks.  However, one member notified us that many of the trees are suffering in the dry weather.  We’ve reported this to the council parks team and they have promised to water the new trees as soon as possible.  This neatly illustrates the importance of PCA members as “eyes and ears” since the parks team was reduced in number a year or two ago, and we’re always happy to act as a conduit for reporting this kind of thing to the Council.