Wheelie Bin Decision

In our May edition we outlined the basics of Ealing Council’s proposed new waste collection arrangements and invited feedback from PCA members.  From about 900 e-mails and 150 paper copies we received only nine responses.  None of responders favoured the Council’s proposed wheelie bins, but interestingly there were no objections to alternate weekly collections (food and landfill one week, food and recycling the next and so on).  We have noted a particular issue affecting residents who currently store their waste at the back of the house and bring it through on collection day.

That’s possible with the current combination of black bags and moderately sized containers, but will be difficult or impossible with large wheelie bins, especially for one person on their own.  That will force some people who currently store waste at the back of the house (and wish to continue doing so) to store it in their front gardens instead, something that is particularly unpopular on the Brentham Estate.  Your committee didn’t feel that nine responses provided a sufficient mandate to take up cudgels on this issue for the Pitshanger area as a whole, but we have lent our support to the Brentham Society who have amassed clear evidence of a much higher level of resistance, and they have conservation area status.

The new waste collection arrangements, due to start in May 2016, were passed by the council’s cabinet on 16th June, so they will go ahead.  The only remaining hope for opponents of wheelie bins lies in negotiation of the fine print.  We will stay in contact with the Brentham Society and the Council and we’ll keep you posted on developments in future editions of the PCA Newsletter.  If you have a view on this and haven’t already let us know, please drop a line to pca [at] pitshanger [dot] org [dot] uk.

The Council have now published their FAQ document about the new waste collection arrangements.