Park Update

Rubbish behaviourThis item was going to be about trees, and we’ll come back to that later.  Instead, we’re sorry to have to carry this picture of a pile of rubbish in the park, the aftermath of a picnic held by a group of families celebrating the end of the school year at a local primary school.  We know that some early leavers from the picnic, who had taken their rubbish with them, were outraged by the behaviour of the others and went back to clear up on Saturday.  We’d like to thank those parents, but have this message for the perpetrators: “Your behaviour was disgusting, unacceptable and utterly selfish.  If you are going to do it again do it somewhere other than Pitshanger.”

We were particularly galled by this as we entertained several thousand visitors at Party In The Park yet left the park in a pristine state.

Now back to the trees.  We reported previously that two newly planted avenues of trees in Cleveland Park were struggling during the dry weather.  More recently we’ve noticed a slight recovery, possibly helped by occasional spells of rain and the Council’s bowser, which we know has visited at least once.  We have our fingers crossed for more rain (within reason) over the summer.  Some recently planted street trees have also been suffering in the heat.  If you have one near you, please treat it to a bucket of water now and them.  Alternatively you can put your watering duties on an official footing by joining the Council’s tree warden scheme, details from Susan Wyatt, WYATTS [at] ealing [dot] gov [dot] uk.