A Rather English Murder

The year is 1957 and Mabel Keane, agony aunt and well-known columnist, shares her quintessentially English home with four lodgers, Daniel, Binkie, Thomas and the mysterious Horace Badger. When budding playwright, Edward, turns up at Mabel’s door urgently seeking a room to rent, he is blissfully unaware of these extraordinary people who will soon become characters in his own "play". Events take an unexpected turn….  We wouldn’t want to give too much away, but the title might give a clue.  “A Rather English Murder” is playing at Questor’s Studio Theatre from 5th to 7th November.  The play is produced by Pitshanger resident Gill Vymeris from a script written by a friend who died a couple of years ago.  Further details at www.questors.org.uk.