Keep A Look Out

A resident of Selby Road has reported on a strange and disturbing incident when she spotted intruders in her back garden: “...they threw a rock into our house, drew with chalk on our shed and path and pulled down our rose bush. They may have done more (and possibly tried to enter the property through the open French doors) if I hadn't disturbed them.  They seemed to have entered and left the property via the shared alleyway which runs between the properties on Selby Road and Harrow View Road”.  Please be on the lookout and report any similar incidents to the Police – 999 in an emergency or email Cleveland [dot] snt [at] met [dot] police [dot] uk ( Cleveland [dot] snt [at] met [dot] police [dot] uk) or HangerHill [dot] snt [at] met [dot] police [dot] uk ( HangerHill [dot] snt [at] met [dot] police [dot] uk), depending on Council Ward.