Local Authors

There seems to be something about Pitshanger that encourages literary endeavours, and this month we can announce not one but two local authors who have gone into print.  First Ruth Flather, who strictly speaking is a former Pitshanger resident as she now lives in Norfolk, has written a collection of 12 stories for children entitled Fir Tree Farm.  The stories relate the adventures of the Hill family and their animals.  Fir Tree Farm looks like a good bet for Christmas, for children of all ages, and is available in the Pitshanger Bookshop at £9.99.

Jeff Pack, whose last book was a history of his house in Pitshanger, has penned a new title The Boy the Mystery and the Open Book.  Jeff describes the book as an autobiographical account in which he subjects himself to sessions of self-analysis, revisiting various events that shaped his life, and the people who influenced him.  The most important among these were his mother and father, whose contrasting personalities are, respectively, ‘the mystery’ and ‘the open book’ of the title, with Jeff himself cast as ‘the boy’.  Again you can pick up The Boy the Mystery and the Open Book at the Pitshanger Bookshop.