Sounds Like a Fun Guy

This year Paul at Charlie’s Fruitbowl will again be stocking black truffles at Christmas.  The pungent fungi, described by the French gastronome Brillat-Savarin as the diamonds of the kitchen, are esteemed in haute cuisine but also known for the high price they command.  However, Paul is buying in quantity, which should reduce the hit on your wallet.  Paul tells us that the truffles will most likely come from Italy, but he will procure whatever looks best in the market.  There’s no need to order in advance this year, but it’s worth having a chat with Paul about your requirements as he has built up a good level of knowledge about storing and using truffles over the last couple of years.  Turkey and truffle sandwiches anyone?

Elsewhere in the Lane, Tony at Navarro Wines is offering Jamon Serrano Reserva, matured for a minimum of 12 months. The hams weigh in at 6.5kg and have a price tag of £59.00.  Order direct from Tony in advance to avoid disappointment.