Space Oddity

Bye bye Parklet!A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the President of Tharg contemplated the imminent loss of her planet’s last open space.  Summoning her finest scientists and engineers, she decreed that 1,000 “parklets” should be manufactured and launched into space, in the hope that one day other civilisations could appreciate something of the lost sylvan beauty of Tharg.

And so it was that after countless millennia traversing the lonely wastes of outer space, one of the parklets felt the gravitational tug of planet Earth, and it duly landed in Pitshanger Lane.

Overcoming their initial amazement, the earthlings of Pitshanger soon realised that the parklet compared poorly with their own real park only 250m away.  They also wondered at the Thargians spending so much on interplanetary parklets rather than preserving their remaining open spaces.  Perhaps sensing that it had not made the most opportune landing, the parklet beamed itself up after a few weeks to resume its interplanetary quest.  We wish it bon voyage.