The PCA Committee

It’s been a while since the last full PCA newsletter last November, and the gap was punctuated by the shock announcement that the PCA Committee was running dangerously close to empty; a number of long-serving members have stood down, and with no replacements in sight there is a danger that the PCA might have to shut up shop.  The committee announcement prompted an encouraging number of offers of help, and follow-up meetings are taking place at the moment.  Against that, there is one more departure to announce as our IT guru and fun run director George Hazelwood will be moving away from the area soon.  It’s not too late to step forward and offer to help on the committee.  The post of treasurer is one we need to fill urgently but there are many other ways to get involved.  If you think you might be interested in helping the PCA in any way please let us know via pca [at] pitshanger [dot] org [dot] uk  The PCA will only be sustainable in the long term if more people are prepared to get actively involved.

One thing we are determined to go ahead with this year is Party In The Park, and we have a date in the diary for that – Sunday 26th June.  We also still have money in the bank that has to be administered in accordance with our charitable constitution.  To that end, we will be inviting applications for discretionary grants this year, just as we have done for the last several years.  Please see the separate news item on that.

But to return to the main point: all this can only continue if more people are prepared to get involved.  Please step forward and help if you possibly can.