Woodfield Road Consultation

We heard a while ago that the Cleveland Ward Councillors were proposing a new yellow line down the entire West side of Woodfield Road – filling in the gaps between existing yellow lines - as a way of easing congestion.  While being sympathetic to the aim of this proposal, we also had some concerns about loss of parking spaces and the consequential displacement of parked cars to the East side of Woodfield Road and to other nearby streets.  We made three recommendations to Ealing Council: (a) Include an option for minimum yellow lining (just enough to ease congestion) and let residents vote on it, (b) widen the consultation area to include nearby streets, and (c) liaise with Planning to mitigate the parking impact of the proposed conversion into flats of 58 Woodfield Road.  Of these, it looks as though (a) and (b) have been ignored, and (c) has become academic for now as the most recent planning application for 58 Woodfield Road has been rejected.  The consultation material should become available on the Council web site sometime soon.  We’ll keep you posted.