CPZ Update

In our last edition we reported that the consultation for the Kent Gardens area CPZ was underway.  The consultation closed on 24th June and we haven’t yet heard the result but we will keep you posted once we have the full details.

But will there be further CPZ consultations in Pitshanger? Pitshanger South in 2017-18 and Pitshanger North in 2018-19 are certainly included in the rolling programme of consultations adopted by cabinet on 14th June.  However, Cllr Lynne Murray has given us the following statement, which we are publishing verbatim without further comment:

“The council's cabinet has recently approved a new CPZ strategy for the borough. The strategy is based on an objective assessment of car parking in an area, so that if an area experiences more than 70% parking on average throughout the day, it will automatically be considered for possible consultation as a CPZ.  On this basis, those streets north and south of Pitshanger Lane, consulted in 2013, would be considered for possible consultation.  However, it is also recognised that there may be other reasons why residents in such an area may not want a CPZ, despite the parking pressures, so the strategy also envisages that the ward councillors of any area which on the above criteria would qualify to be considered for possible consultation as a CPZ would first be consulted as to whether there was any demand from the residents concerned.  In the case of the Pitshanger Lane areas identified in the strategy, your ward councillors are not aware of any demand for a further consultation, so these areas will not be included in the rolling programme”.