In the Park

We raised an eyebrow in our last edition about the placement of the new boot-scrapers in Pitshanger Park, and our concerns proved to be justified when the scrapers near the Bellevue entrance were surrounded by pools of mud in the recent wet weather.  We’ll be helping the Council with finding better sites for the boot scrapers and hope to end up with more than one at the Meadvale entrance.

Regular visitors to the park will have noticed that some areas have been left unmown.  This is the new Council policy, the idea being to leave some islands of wildness among the neatly mown areas.  Do you have a view on this? If so please let us know.

Back in February, we reported on a Council proposal to site Guayatt’s funfair on Scotch Common or Cleveland Park sometime during the summer.  Based on soundings of PCA members’ opinions, we suggested to the Council that Gurnell might be a better location.  We’re pleased to report that the Council listened and Guyatt’s funfair is now heading for Gurnell as suggested.

To end on a cheerful note, we’ve added a photo of the wildflower garden in Pitshanger Park, which was part sponsored by the PCA and the Cleveland ward forum.