In the Park

In the ParkVisitors to Pitshanger Park one day earlier in May were appalled to see a large slick of used cooking oil in the River Brent.  It was bad enough to look at from a safe distance, but one unfortunate dog made a closer inspection, emerging, in the words of its owner “like a seabird on the beach after an oil tanker disaster”.  The incident was reported to the Environment Agency, who categorised it as a minor incident and declined to investigate.  (There was a similar incident several years ago with a quantity of ghee released into the river.  In that case there was an investigation and a prosecution).  It may help if any future incidents of pollution in the river are reported by as many people as possible to the Environment Agency, whose incident hotline number is 0800 807060.

Elsewhere in the Park, much needed boot scrapers have been installed, but we’re not completely happy with the balance of three at the Perivale Gardens car park and only one at the Meadvale/Barnfield gate, which could really do with two.