Party In The Park

Late on the eve of Party In The Park, our site supremos Malcolm Darvill and John Waters saw everything that they had put in place, and, behold, it was very good.

This was, after all, the seventeenth edition of the event and while it remains a huge undertaking, the many lessons learned over the years are now helping to make the whole thing a little less fraught than it was in the early years.  Late appeals for volunteers via e-mail and social media bore fruit and we were pretty well fully staffed, which is a great bonus.

The day itself, while not bedevilled by early rain like last year, was a little on the cool side, and drizzle in the evening put a dampener on sales in the beer tent.  But it was a great day with very good numbers during the afternoon.

Choirs, musical ensembles and dance groups entertained us on the main stage, while visitors to the beer tent enjoyed an eclectic programme of music.  Who saw the amazing 12 year old Hendrix?  One small tweak this year was the provision of more bins.  We’d like to thank everyone who used the bins and the recycling points, both of which helped a lot when it came to clearing the site.

The Gazette chose not to publish our press release this year, but the photos you missed in print are available to browse here.

Now, how many days is it to Light Up The Lane?