Wagner Ring Cycle

Cue the anvils.  Cue the contrabass trombones.  On with the cow-horn helmets.  Wagner’s masterwork Der Ring des Nibelungen is coming to Pitshanger in a four-day screening at St Barnabas of the renowned 1989-90 production by the New York Metropolitan Opera.  The full programme is:

·          Sunday 14th August 7pm – Introductory lecture by Robin Duval

·          Thursday 18th August 7pm to 9.45pm – Das Rheingold

·          Friday 19th August 5.30pm to 10.10pm – Die Walkure

·          Saturday 20th August 5.30pm to10.25pm – Siegfried

·          Sunday 21st August 5.00pm to 10.20pm – Gotterdammerung

 There will be supper and drinks intervals (phew) but we don’t yet know whether medals will be awarded to those who make it through all four performances.  Full details of tickets and timings are on the St Barnabas web site here.