Pitshanger News

  • Wagner Ring Cycle

    17th Mar 2017
    Cue the anvils.  Cue the contrabass trombones.  On with the cow-horn helmets.  Wagner’s masterwork Der Ring des Nibelungen is coming to Pitshanger in a four-day screening at St Barnabas of the renowned 1989-90 production by the New York Metropolitan Opera.  The full programme is:·          Sunday 14th August 7pm – Introductory lecture by Robin Duval
  • PCA Committee Update

    17th Mar 2017
    Following several departures from the committee in recent months, we are very pleased to let you know that the following PCA members have stepped up to fill the committee vacancies: Belinda Harrison, Lesley Higgs, Andrew Jones, Eva Link, Olivia Rawlings, Ingrid Waloff and Greg Swarbrick.  Greg is now the PCA treasurer, taking over from our former chancellor of the exchequer Kelvin Walker who had very kindly watched the shop while the position was vacant.
  • Down Memory Lane

    17th Mar 2017
    Long term Pitshanger resident Betty McKenzie has let us know that Alan Hadley retired recently after delivering milk on the Brentham Estate for over 40 years.  The round has been taken over by his cousin Steve Lovell.  Are there any residents who remember the milkman’s horse bolting down Denison Road and through the Brentham Club hedge?  And who remembers Peter Taylor, who retired as the local postman 27 years ago but is still hale and hearty at 92 and visits the Lane...
  • Crime Alert

    17th Mar 2017
    We’ve heard recently of a scam based on a polite and smartly dressed young man of school age going from door to door collecting cash sponsorship for a sponsored run.  Our correspondent quizzed the boy, smelt a rat then checked with the school, who had never heard of him.  Two more clues: he gave his name as Daniel Radcliffe and he wasn’t carrying an owl on his shoulder.  Continuing on the crime theme, our local Met Police safer neighbourhoods team has reported a spate of...
  • Clean for the Queen

    17th Mar 2017
    We were very pleased to see that over 20 volunteers turned up to help remove rubbish from the river Brent during a clean-up day linked to the national “Clean for the Queen” initiative on Saturday 5th March, organised by the environmental charity Thames21.
  • CPZ Update

    17th Mar 2017
    In our last edition we reported that the consultation for the Kent Gardens area CPZ was underway.  The consultation closed on 24th June and we haven’t yet heard the result but we will keep you posted once we have the full details.