Pitshanger News

  • AGM - Brentham Club 18th January 2018 at 8pm

    14th Jan 2018
    So why turn out on a cold night in January?Well, your PCA needs you ~ to sign off the usual annual formalities.  We want our AGM to be an open and constructive forum where you give us your views on a range of activities and events that the PCA makes happen throughout the year, the Party in the Park, the Tea Club, Light Up the Lane (or the 'lite version' this year), newsletters, and a range of other local fundraising activities
  • North Ealing Primary School PTA Christmas Fair

    29th Nov 2017
    See Event on the right hand side - 12.30 to 4pm 2nd December.   Who keeps taking down the posters for this event?   
  • Pitshanger Christmas Concert

    12th Nov 2017
    The Pitshanger Christmas Concert will be from 4pm - 8pm at St Barnabas, with a programme very similar to Light Up the Lane, but indoors in the warm, featuring our local primary schools, Innovation Dance Studios, the Me Time Choir, Mushana Music (a guitar duo) and the Hanwell Ukelele Band. The concert is free, but because indoors, the audience number is restricted so please come even if only for a short while.
  • Light up the Lane 2017

    23rd Oct 2017
    This email/letter was sent out to the PCA members on 23rd October 2017...For the reasons we are about to set out below, it pains us to tell you that the PCA is regrettably unable to stage a Light Up The Lane event on Sunday 26th November this year. Nobody is more upset about this than us, both the PCA Committee and the PCA Events team.
  • Ada Lovelace Church of England school - consultation

    22nd Oct 2017
    We received an mail from  the North Twyford CoE High School Proposer Group, with its advice about consultation of the Ada Lovelace CoE school. 
  • In the Park

    03rd Oct 2017
    On Friday 30 June a small group of travellers entered Pitshanger Park and set up an encampment. There’s a due legal process for situations like this and council officers, ParkGuard and the local police swiftly assessed what the position was and got the legal process going. In the event, the travellers left of their own accord after four days although about two weeks later they turned up on the playing fields adjacent to Gurnell Leisure Centre from where they were duly...