Pitshanger News

  • Woodfield Road Consultation

    28th Feb 2016
    We heard a while ago that the Cleveland Ward Councillors were proposing a new yellow line down the entire West side of Woodfield Road – filling in the gaps between existing yellow lines - as a way of easing congestion.  While being sympathetic to the aim of this proposal, we also had some concerns about loss of parking spaces and the consequential displacement of parked cars to the East side of Woodfield Road and to other nearby streets.  We made three recommendations to...
  • Happy 100th Birthday

    28th Feb 2016
    The Church of St Barnabas in Pitshanger Lane was consecrated on 3rd June 1916, so the parish reaches its centenary this year.  A year of celebrations kicked off on 30th January with a sold-out gala ball in the church, and there’s plenty more to come during 2016, with details available on the church web site here.  Our warm congratulations go to St B on this big birthday, and we’ll bring you fu
  • The PCA Committee

    28th Feb 2016
    It’s been a while since the last full PCA newsletter last November, and the gap was punctuated by the shock announcement that the PCA Committee was running dangerously close to empty; a number of long-serving members have stood down, and with no replacements in sight there is a danger that the PCA might have to shut up shop.  The committee announcement prompted an encouraging number of offers of help, and follow-up meetings are taking place at the moment.  Against that,...
  • PCA Newsletter 93 - February 2016

    27th Feb 2016
    The PCA Committee, Happy 100th Birthday, Woodfield Road Consultation, Cleveland Ward Forum, What Goes Around Comes Around, Stop and Shop, Clean for the Queen, Light Up The Lane, PCA Discretionary Grant Scheme, Funfair on Scotch Common?, At The Club, The Great British High Street, Wine and Design, Space Oddity
  • PCA to Close Down?

    22nd Jan 2016
    We thought that would grab your attention. We're not actually closing down but if we don’t recruit some additional help soon we may have no choice but to think about folding the wonderful community charity we have all been working so hard to build.
  • PCA Winter Update 2016

    11th Jan 2016
    A Funfair for Pitshanger?, Street Wars 2016